Gitti Weber 

All-round talents rarely tread on predestined paths

This was never an option for Gitti Weber either. She's always striving for new challenges too much. Thus her journey led from an IT-apprenticeship with Siemens in Munich to being managing director and owner of Steinbach Alpin in Kitzbühel as well as becoming a registered mediator and business consultant.

But let's start at the beginning. Gitti Weber was born in 1960 in Munich. After school, apprenticeship and a few years of working, the mother of 3 spent some 15 years dedicating herself solely to raising her daughters. But during this time, too, she was always looking for chances to participate actively in social settings. Be it as a committed partner in the founding of the "Montessori children's home Starnberg" association or several years’ work in the board of the association "women help women Starnberg".

Following her divorce, the power woman was no longer in a position to work for a good cause alone – money had to be made. So she decided to attend advanced training as an administrator and for IT-networks. The effort paid off, as she was seamlessly hired by a leading IT-firm in Munich. Apart from having brushed up on her technical skills, it was also her interpersonal skills which always took Gitti further in her professional life. She was quickly entrusted not only with technical tasks, but also assigned customer care and staff management. This caught the interest of a limited company dealing in personnel and business consultancy which poached her in 2001.

An exciting ten years followed there. Setting up and managing the finance and controlling department, accompanying senior staff, planning coaching sessions and also repeatedly classic research tasks, in addition to managing a team virtually on the side.

In 2012, the career changer found the ideal opportunity to combine her hobby and profession and bought the company Steinbach Alpin from Christian Steinbach. For 12 years now, she has been preparing ski slopes in winter for the biggest and most important international alpine competitions - from World Cups to the Winter Olympics. In summer, Steinbach Alpin's unique process can be used to sustainably maintain golf courses, soccer pitches and other green spaces.

As a true self-made woman, however, she wanted more: she deepened her ability to support people and also obtained a diploma as a registered mediator and management consultant for Austria. Since 2016, she has been successfully working for her clients between Kitzbühel, Munich and the rest of the world with her company Kitz Consulting.

What does the future hold? It's impossible to say. Because this much is certain: Gitti is so versatile that she doesn't fit into any box and is always good for a surprise.



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