Golf courses 

With the Steinbach Golf System, greens, but also all other green areas, can be aerated and scarified perfectly in one operation.The most important thing, however, is that the fertiliser is brought directly to the grass roots with the water, exactly where the plant needs it and can best absorb it. This guarantees healthy and sustainable root growth. And best of all, play can continue without any restrictions.

Water is perhaps the most precious thing we have on earth and our greens on the golf course also urgently need this precious water.

With our multi-injection machine, we have taken up this idea and, with a nod to sustainability, have dispensed with the aeration method used in the past.

Hollow bungs, known as cores, are cut out of the ground and have to be disposed of. New sand is then filled into the holes created. This requires a great deal of material, transport costs and manpower.

We aerate with water. This involves pumping water under the turf with an injection spray bar, which washes the sand upwards and flushes it out. In the same operation, fertiliser flows directly to the roots through another injection spray bar. The multi-injection machine is designed in such a way that the washed-up sand is subsequently brushed and then pressed in.

A win-win situation for plants, greenkeepers and golfers. The grass roots receive the fertiliser exactly where they need it most, the greenkeeper saves a lot of sand and working time and we golfers can actually play golf without restrictions just a few hours after this work as the ball rolls and holds the line exactly as we expect it to.



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