Soccer Fields 

With the Steinbach Multi-Function System, football pitches, but also all other green areas, can be aerated and scarified perfectly in one operation.

The most important thing, however, is that the fertiliser is brought directly to the grass roots with the water, exactly where the plant needs it and can best absorb it. This guarantees healthy and sustainable root growth and thus a robust pitch.

There are ever more applications for the use of injection bars in summer too.

Football pitches can be aerated quickly and cost-effectively with the multi-injection machine thanks to their straight and even surface.

We have put this technique to successful development of an initial series of football pitches. Listed below are several tasks that may be performed in a single operation:

  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Fertilisation
  • Irrigation
  • Sand perfusion
  • Brushing in
  • Ironing

Games are not affected since all operations may be performed at night; a game can then be played the following day with virtually no limitation whatsoever.

A further advantage is that water with diluted fertiliser under precise pressure may infuse the roots directly.
Up to 50% of water requirements result from this method of injection.

In addition, the flow being injected causes a soil exchange of natural nitrogen at the grass roots. Greenkeepers may determine the desired root length by varying the water pressure.

Any type of liquid fertiliser at any dosage may be incorporated in the water by a special ceramic 3-piston pump.
A substantial saving in fertiliser is achieved by applying it directly to the roots, with the attendant environmental benefits.



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