Utilization and Advantages 

1. Ski piste grooming

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, 2010 Vancouver, 2006 Turino 2010 Garmisch Alpin Skiing World Cup Alta Badia, Levi, Hahnenkamm Race Kitzbühel

2. Glacier restoration

Glacier measurement

3. Snow preservation in summer

Hochfilzen since 2007 and other Biathloncenter in Europe, Sochi 2012 and 2013, European glaciers etc.

4. Reinforcement of surface snow

or airports, vehicle traffic, pedesttrian precincts, winter golf, winter polo, etc.

5. Manual or mechanical operation

Manual operation (2 people) can couple up to 6 manual jets with a total breadth of up to 30 m grooming in a single operation.
Injection bars may be dismantled in units of 2.70 m for transportation by air or vehicle.
Mechanical operation: Up to three injection bars may be mounted a piste grooming machine.
With the use of injection bars, pistes of all types are provided with a uniform structure and the snow density desired through variations in the water pressure.



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