Injection Winter 

Steinbach Alpin, founded by Christian Steinbach, for many years stood for the highest quality in the preparation of ski slopes.The Injektionssprühbalken pure water is injected at high pressure into the snow exclusively. By the capillary water rises to the surface again and cools by evaporation cold the snow. Can be prepared ski slopes in different degrees of hardness for Winter Olympics, World Cup, European Cup, as well as public roads. Moreover, Steinbach Alpine has developed a special cover for snow depots.

Conservation of Snow

Operators are becoming less reliant on nature, thus it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that there is sufficient snow in place at the time when an event or race is to take place..


Tyres Test

Injection bars are not limited for use on the grooming of ski pistes, but have an ever increasing range of applications.


Description of measument devices

  • I. Humidity, air temperature and snow temperature
  • II. Snow humidity
  • III. Snow specific weight
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