Individual Ski Service  

At the foot of the legendary Streif ski run, the Steinbach Factory creates purpose-built skis for demanding skiers.

Worldwide patented binding plate creates a completely new skiing experience and has already applied for a patent, with a ski that is finally able to bend while in use, no matter the size of the boot and the weight of the skier.

All our skis are finished by hand with the Steinbach Multi Angle File – a new kind of file that allows the properties of the ski to be individually adjusted to suit the skier.

We are able to file an edge angle between 0° and 7° (90° and 83°). Our edge is at its sharpest right under the binding – right at the skier’s centre of gravity. In addition, we have the option of adjusting the sidewall. All coating options can be arranged on request.

Thanks to this unprecedented way of making skis, every keen skier and racer can gain a much-improved edge grip.

Pay us a visit and experience a new dimension in skiing.

Advice by appointment only.


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